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Veritas Award

Some of you may be asking WHY this award, why has the LAPC decided to undertake it and why now:

First of all we chose the name "Veritas" for the Latin word for truth-- or more correctly for the elusive Roman goddess known for her beauty and purity. As journalists our job is to find the truth following the path to her wherever it may lead and to delivering to our readers and audience whatever her form may be-- even when she is ugly or painful.

As we all know today there is less and less money allocated to investigative, in-depth reporting and there is an ever increasing corporate pressure to deliver the cheapest form of " surface news." And so we must celebrate the quite, unglamorous heroes who toil away-- very often in oblivion-- bringing to light the stories that reveal corruption or injustice or criminality-- and sometimes even of human accomplishments and triumphs.

Why honor films "based on or inspired by real events and people"? Because those films would never have been made had it not been for the persistence, the drudgery of detailed groundwork by tireless reporters like those of The Boston Globe's Spotlight team. Currently we are in a cyle of film being marketed as "real stories." We are not film critics but we do have a special insight into these kinds of films. Journalists are the truth gathers and storytellers supplying the filmmakers with their material.

The Los Angeles Press Club--as an important part of the Hollywood community-- wants to encourage the making of such films and acknowledge the best among them. To bring attention to films that tell us about ourselves, our society and our world and light the way to a better future.

Spotlight is the perfect example of the kind of film we will honor with future Veritas Awards. The bar has been set high and we encourage filmmakers to reach for it.

The LA Press Club honored the film Spotlight with the inaugural Veritas Award on February 25, 2016. The Veritas Award was chosen by LAPC members and is awarded to the best movie based on or inspired by a true story. The award was accepted by Boston Globe heroes Sacha Pfeiffer, Ben Bradlee, Jr., Mike Rezendes and co-writer Josh Singer.

As Ben Bradlee, Jr. put it, "Really what [the screenwriters] did was investigate our investigation." The Veritas Award "Spotlight" panel discussion with Boston Globe reporters Mike Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Deputy Editor Ben Bradlee, Jr. along with Academy Award winning screenwriter Josh Singer. Moderated by the insightful Patt Morrison.

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